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Stretching the vision for Expedited Drug Approvals

BioCentury’s 2021 Back to School project argues that expedited approvals are poised for change and analyzes the ways stakeholders can stretch the vision of this regulatory pathway. The Back to School package delivers an entire syllabus for accelerated approval: The background; how it’s worked around the world for better or worse; and where it can go in the future. The stretch vision of expedited approval would bring more drugs to more patients in more diseases around the world.

The week-long, multimedia Back to School comprises a series of deep-dive essays, high-value data charts and daily podcast discussions from BioCentury's top editors. With strategic content and analysis exclusive to the BioCentury community, Back to School will help you understand, adapt and thrive in biopharma's quickly changing environment -- no matter your role in the industry. Only BioCentury, with its scientific expertise, unmatched strategic intelligence and unparalleled access to high-profile industry and regulatory leaders, could deliver this intelligence.

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