Bio€quity Europe 2019


The 20th Bio€quity Europe : Hot Topics, Hot Spots

Biotech is entering a golden age. The world is seeing a flood of new therapies that have long been the promise of this industry.

Gene Therapies. Stem Cell Treatments. Antisense. siRNA. CAR T.

Is Europe playing its part?

Are they holding their own in inventing the next-generation of therapies and technologies?

And is Europe creating hot beds of innovation to lead the way forward?

For 20 years, Bio€quity Europe has been holding up a mirror to reflect Europe’s progress in the biotech revolution.

Today, even more exciting science and technologies are on the horizon. But the momentum is global. Europe must keep pace to attract the best talent and investment, create jobs and improve public health.

In 2019, Bio€quity Europe gathers European “Hot Topics” companies and their investors to measure their progress and debate the path forward.

For 20 years, Bio€quity Europe has showcased more than 800 leading European companies to thousands of investment and pharma business development professionals. Delegates from 24 nations attended Bio€quity Europe last year in Ghent.

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“Bio€quity brings together top stakeholders in the life sciences European VC space. The event stands out by delivering quality thought leadership. For the biotech VC community, this is Europe’s flagship event.” 

Nanna Lüneborg, Ph.D.
General Partner

“Bio€quity Europe is a 'must go' for both VCs and CEOs of life science companies in Europe ... it is THE event where you can feel the pulse of the industry ...”

Antoine Papiernik
Chairman & Managing Partner
Sofinnova Partners

"Bio€quity is the leading event for the biotech industry in Europe. A masterfully organized event, it brings all actors together and creates an atmosphere and platform for true networking and business development. Complement that with a rich insights agenda that materially contributes to the discussion in the industry and the region, and you have an unmissable event." 

Jorge Santos da Silva, Ph.D.
MoonLake Immunotherapeutics AG

"Bio€quity Europe is a great meeting for strategic discussions about access to capital and talent. It’s also a key networking event for investors and biopharma executives in Europe."​

Paul Peter Tak, M.D., Ph.D.
President and CEO
Candel Therapeutics