Hotel & Travel Information

For our 10th Anniversary of bringing together a global community of biotech decision makers and investors, the BioCentury & BayHelix China Healthcare Summit will be hosted at:

The St. Regis Shanghai Jingan
1008 Beijing West Road Shanghai
Shanghai 200041
Tel. +86 21-62579999 

An event room block has been secured by BioCentury for all event delegates at a special discounted room rate of 1,286 CNY per night. You must make your own reservation and booking under this room block and must do so prior to Oct. 30, 2023, to receive the reduced rate.

CLICK HERE to book your hotel reservations online under the event room block

Additional Travel Details

International visitors from certain countries might require a VISA to enter China. To check VISA requirements, feel free to visit:

Don’t wait until it is too late, this process can take much longer than usual and will need careful planning. We can support your application by providing you with a VISA invitation letter. 

To ensure the process is efficient, please have the following information ready: 

  • Name: [Participant’s Name] (as appears on passport) 
  • Date of birth: [Participant’s Date of Birth] 
  • Gender: [Participant’s Gender] 
  • Passport number: [Participant’s Passport Number] 
  • Job title: [Participant’s Job Title]
  • Company name: [Delegate's Organization]
  • Date of arrival and departure: [Participant’s Planned Date of Arrival and Departure]
  • VISA letter contact

To request an Invitation letter to apply for a VISA, please email us at

Entry Restrictions

  • There are no COVID-19-related entry restrictions at this time. However, travelers
    should hold the relevant travel documents to enter the country.

Entry & Health Requirements

  • All travelers arriving from countries outside Hong Kong and Macau, must hold a negative test. The accepted test is an antigen test issued within 48 hours before departure.
  • There is no quarantine requirement at this time.

In-country Experience

  • Face masks are mandatory.
  • Most offices, factories, restaurants and stores are open with social distancing measures in place.
  • The public transport system is operating throughout the country.

Transit Restrictions

  • There are no COVID-19-related transit restrictions currently. However, travelers should hold the relevant travel documents for their transit and final destinations

Re-Entry Requirements

  • All travelers, aged 2 years and older, returning to the United States by air must provide a Passenger Disclosure and Attestation form. This form will be provided to them by their airline at check-in.
  • Other re-entry requirements for travelers returning to the United States vary between states. For up-to-date public health measures, check the state or local health department of your planned destination. This information can be found here.

Appointment-Based System & Processing Times

The Chinese Consulate uses an appointment-based system for submissions. Wait time for appointments can take up to 30 days due to limited availability. The processing time
quoted is the time taken for the visa to be received after the scheduled appointment.
Take this into consideration when requesting your China visa.

10-Year Visa Issued Before March 28, 2020

Travelers may once again use their China 10-year visa issued prior to March 28, 2020. Please keep in mind that if you have changed your name since obtaining the visa, the visa is no longer valid, and you will have to apply for a new one. 

Personal Appearance May Be Required

The Consulate of China may request that applicants come in person to the consulate for an interview and/or fingerprinting. This is a random process, and if the Chinese consulate selects you for finger printing.

Certain situations like working for a Non-Profit Organization, having dual citizenship, or working for media related companies will increase your chances of being selected for an in person appearance to the consulate. All applicants who are required to appear in person at the consulate must take an additional photo with them to the interview and/or fingerprinting. The photo must meet the photograph requirements listed below and must be the same photo as the one attached with the visa application form. 

This May Pertain to You

All travelers applying for a multiple entry 10-year visa, must provide your actual passport
containing the previous visa.